Statement on Nov. 24th 2003 Global Day of Action for Arrested FTAA Protestors


As of 5:31am, Monday, Nov. 24th, 15 people are still in jail from the Miami FTAA protests;

6 people with misdemeanor charges and 9 people with felony charges. Their combined bail

adds up to $42,250. 1 person, from APOC (Anarchist People of Color) is still reported missing.

Many protestors experienced brutality and severe injury in the streets and jails.

There are 4 confirmed hospitalizations for serious head injuries. Of the 270(+) people arrested,

many charges were dropped, but many will also be facing long court battles,

some of which will begin this week. Now is the time to build the financial support base

for these historical cases, while the situation is still fresh in peopleís minds.


Although protestors endured severe state repression, there was also an incredible success

in exposing the backwards priorities of a political and legal system that would use such excessive force

to defend the Free Trade agenda of the global elite over the safety and freedom of itís own citizens.

We also have had the opportunity to shed light on the inherent violence of the criminal justice system

that many experience, usually unnoticed, on a day-to-day basis. But our presence in the streets

and jails is not the end of the fight. Many activists may be tangled in years of court battles,

in effort to bring attention to the police brutality & free speech violations that obstruct our movements

to stop corporate globalization from destroying the planet. For these cases to be successful,

we need help with fundraising. 


This is a chance to exemplify the values of support and solidarity that we want to see in the world.

Please help spread the word to friends, families and allies!


Thanks for everything,

 Miami Activist Defense



 --Tax-deductible donation: Make checks payable to Student Farmworker Alliance,

mail to Lake Worth Global Justice Group, PO Box. 961, Lake Worth, FL, 33460


--NON-Tax-deductible: Miami Activist Defense c/o National Lawyers Guild

Gainesville Chapter, PO Box 2063, Gainesville, FL 32602


 --Online pay pall-


 (This site can also be checked for general Miami FTAA legal info.)