The UFW is requesting support for workers at Gallo of Sonoma.  To act, please click on the link below.

Thank you!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday, giving thanks for farm workers and all who labor to bring food to our tables!


Help Gallo of Sonoma workers avoid a new  Gallo wine boycott!  E-mail Gallo of Sonoma today!!! 
Gallo of Sonoma scion Matt Gallo refuses to extend health benefits to the 75% of his workers hired through farm labor contractors.
It took five years for the wine industry giant to sign a union contract after workers voted overwhelmingly for the United Farm Workers in a 1994 state-conducted election.  Finally, workers accepted the contract; some protection was better than none at all.
Earlier this year, Gallo illegally tried to get rid of the UFW. Matt Gallo told workers the UFW didnít want them to have health coverage but the company favored medical benefits--an outright lie.
Since the contract expired on Nov. 1, Matt Gallo still adamantly refuses to cover labor contractor employees with health care. Gallo workers called on Matt Gallo during recent contract talks to make good on his promise to furnish them with health benefits. Gallo remained silent.
During the holiday season, Gallo workers need you to send a message to Matt Gallo: Fulfill your promise. Agree to a union contract that supplies basic health benefits to employees of your farm labor contractors.
Farm workers first began struggling against Gallo in 1973. Please join their latest battle with Matt Gallo to win health benefits.