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May 22, 2017

New ‘Blue Card’ Proposal Would Protect Farmworkers from Deportation   Trump’s immigration policies are crippling farms’ ability to hire workers. Can this proposed legislation counter that and gain support?


May 21, 2017  

Migrants keep agriculture running

System not perfect, but should continue


May 18, 2017  

A week after 50 farmworkers were sickened by pesticides, the EPA punts on protecting them.


May 17, 2017  

Pesticide that Trump's EPA refused to ban blamed for sickening farm workers  

Nearly 50 farm workers experienced nausea and vomiting apparently caused by a pesticide whose scheduled ban was overturn by the Trump administration


The Trump Administration Just Punted on How to Handle the Most Toxic Pesticides  

Including one that likely sickened 12 farmworkers earlier this month.


May 15, 2017  

Trump tells farmers: My immigration crackdown isn't aimed at your workers


May 12, 2017  

Texas Lege on Farmworker Housing Crisis: Better Luck Next Time  

Nine in 10 Texas farmworkers lack access to licensed housing, and many live without running water, electricity or ventilation.


May 11, 2017  

Study to look at lack of affordable housing for farmworkers


May 10, 2017  

Farmworker shortages amid deportation fears spur cry for immigration bill


Farmworker housing inspection bills snuffed out at Legislature


May 9, 2017  

Feinstein bill would prevent farmworker deportation


Growers, farmworkers say immigration raids scaring away labor


Feinstein farmworker bill should be part of larger solution, ag groups say  

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other Democrats are proposing giving legal status to many undocumented farmworkers. Farm groups generally praise the proposal but say it’s only part of the answer.


May 8, 2017  

Trump Executive Order Promises to Slash Farm Regulations   Will a new executive order “promoting agriculture and rural prosperity” fulfill its promise? That depends on who you ask.


May 7, 2017  

Willamette Valley Farmers Adjust To Dwindling, Uncertain Number Of Workers


May 6, 2017  

Texas lawmakers seek momentum for farmworker housing bills


May 5, 2017  

Napa, Sonoma vineyard-worker scarcity sprouts wage growth, alternatives


The price of safe drinking water in farmworker communties


Fruit Farmers Worry Migrant Workers Won't Travel To Michigan


Pesticide drift halts harvest southwest of Bakersfield


May 1, 2017  


One of the most dangerous companies in the U.S. took advantage of immigrant workers. Then, when they got hurt or fought back, it used America’s laws against them.


April 30, 2017  

As the farm labor force shrinks, some Mexican workers are being brought in. And they’re legal


April 29, 2017  

ICE Raids Mushroom Farm in Chester County, Arrests Nine Alleged Undocumented Immigrants  

Those arrested were not the four individuals that ICE came onto private property looking for, according to the mushroom farm owner, who says he isn't aware of any warrant to raid the farm.


April 28, 2017  

Ag Secretary Says Trump Open to Allowing Immigrant Farm Workers To Stay In U.S.


April 27, 2017  

House committee approves tougher inspections of farmworker housing


April 26, 2017  

Texas Farmworkers Face a Housing Crisis. Will the Legislature Ignore Them?  

Nine in 10 Texas farmworkers lack access to licensed housing, and many live without running water, electricity or ventilation.


Oregon farmworker union calls for support from growers with immigrant workers


April 25, 2017  

Texas House to tackle lackluster inspections of farmworker housing


April 24, 2017  

Farmers fear deportation of workers could hurt livelihood


April 23, 2017  

Jaindl Farms relies on foreign laborers to put turkeys on your table


Immigration enforcement fears cloud agriculture labor forecast


Making It Here: Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Creates Anxiety Among Farmworkers


April 18, 2017  

El Salvadoran, Guatemalan H-2A workers hired  

The Washington farm labor association known as WAFLA is recruiting its first El Salvadoran and Guatemalan H-2A-visa workers for Washington orchard work and Christmas bough harvests.


April 17, 2017  

Harvesting Union Rights in the Field


April 13, 2017  

Immigrant hands feed America, and that's exactly why farmers also fear Trump's deportation force


Castaneda: Immigration raids could send milk prices soaring


April 12, 2017  

Your farm is trying to kill you  

Far from a bucolic idyll, farming in America is one of its most dangerous professions. And almost no one is trying to change that.


Farmers among those fearing immigration raids


April 11, 2017  

‘Dolores’ delivers the inspirational jolt we need


As Food and Farmworkers Retreat, Guestworker Program Poised to Grow

The Trump administration’s fear-inducing immigration policies could lead to a farm and restaurant labor shortage, greater use of the H-2A visa program, and a climate rife with worker exploitation.


Carbon dioxide may worsen hog farmworkers’ breathing problems.  

Hog farm dust already hurts farmworker lungs—new research says elevated CO2 could make it worse.


April 8, 2017  

Undocumented in Vermont: The Hidden Life of a Migrant Farmworker


April 7, 2017  

Farmers await Trump action on visas for temporary workers




April 5, 2017  

Who will pick Pennsylvania crops? Not American workers

Foreign farm workers more than willing to fill jobs Americans shun


Pruitt’s Rejection of Chlorpyrifos Ban Seems Based on Alternative Facts  

EPA chief fails to explain what data prompted his decision to allow continued use of the toxic pesticide, environmental groups file suit


Farmworkers ask Gov. Brown to ban pesticide in the state


April 4, 2017  

Farmworker issues seen as threat to state crops


April 2, 2017  

March in Oxnard recognizes farmworkers' hard work



America Just Got Its First Fair Trade Certified Farm